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Rust is our silent enemy, and it must be approached correctly or it will return sooner rather than down the road.

Our Approach

  • Body off Frame Restorations
  • Rotisserie Restorations
  • Coating Removal – Crushed Glass, Soda, or Sandblast

Parts and Metal

  • Media Blasting for Part Refurbishment
  • Rust Cutout – Metal Replaced
  • Metal Fabrication Shop

Our Techniques

  • Welding Shop (MIG / TIG)
  • Patented Zinc Spray Welding
  • Powder or Epoxy Coat Frames
  • Performance Suspensions

Top to Bottom

  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Base / Clear Coat Paint
  • Wet Sand / Buff Final Finish

From Ugly to Awesome!


As each vehicle is fully disassembled in what’s known as the body off frame restoration, this allows us to inspect all aspects of the vehicle, identify the parts that need to be removed, replaced, repaired, and treated prior to final coating and reassembly.

We offer a specialized service in which 99% zinc wire is applied over properly prepared surfaces through a patented process known as thermal arc spray wire welding, or portable galvanizing. In some cases new body panels cannot be located or do not exist. If the rust is not structural in nature, once sandblasting is completed, a galvanized backing material is applied, and the zinc wire spray is begun. No body filler is required! The filler material is metal, and may be filed, ground, and shaped to restore the panel or part to new condition.  This process uses minimal body filler.

This spray zinc coating works especially well on running boards, fenders, cowls, truck / deck lids, hoods, inner panels, and roofs. Another great use of the spray zinc welding is to use this as filler material following panel replacement to fill in the gaps or irregularities where fillers may have been previously used. So again, little to no body filler is required.

Doors, hoods, truck / deck lids, fenders, and all exterior trim are removed and refinished, repaired, or replaced as necessary.

First, the frame is mounted on the rotisserie and sandblasted to remove rust and scale. The frame is either powder coated at a local vendor’s facility, or covered in a 2 part epoxy primer / paint per your requirements and budget. The frame is then moved to the reassembly area where it will be turned into a full rolling chassis with all new components as required.

Next the body is mounted onto the rotisserie where the body covering materials are stripped using glass bead blasting (Dustless Blasting). Rust areas are cut out and removed, new panels fit into place, and then welded in using various welding technologies.

Body work begins on rust free surfaces. Bare metals are primed with etching primers, followed by epoxy primers, and then high build primers prior to blocking and sanding operations. This process is repeated as necessary to get the panels as straight as possible prior to final paint, fit, and finish.

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